My name is Christoph Peters and this is my blog.

About me

I got my PhD from Reinhard Klein’s group at the University of Bonn in 2017. Before that, I received my M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Bonn in 2013 and my B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Cologne in 2011. In 2017, I have been interning at NVIDIA Research in Redmond, WA.

My recent work revolves largely around the rendering of shadows in real-time applications. In this context I invented moment shadow mapping. I also proposed a new technique to do fast transient imaging based on AMCW lidar devices (such as the depth sensors found in Google Tango smartphones or Microsoft HoloLens). For more information please take a look at my publications.

I’ve been doing computer graphics for half of my life. In my early days, I created a free 3D engine as a hobbyist. It’s completely outdated now and has never been very feature-rich but still found its share of users due to its high accessibility. More recent unpublished versions are the basis for my research implementations.

It taught me the importance of robust techniques that work out of the box. In my work I always try to provide that and I do it with a lot of higher mathematics because there’s too much good but untapped material there. Its fusion with highly optimized GPU implementations is where things get interesting.

About the blog

Publications in journals or at conferences are not an ideal channel to let graphics programmers know about new techniques. A programmer wants to know when a technique is applicable (and when not), what it costs and how it can be implemented. Scientific rigor and the exchange with the community force you to provide more than that in a paper and this can hurt clarity.

In this blog I want to provide explanations of my work and the work of others that are less rigorous but more accessible and focused on practical aspects. Code is provided wherever that’s appropriate. You will also find author’s versions of my publications, supplementary materials, slide sets, videos and more. Besides, I may share interesting resources or opinions on recent developments.

The name of the blog is a bit of a pun. It may be read as “the theory of moments in computer graphics” and thus it refers to my work on moment shadow mapping and the like. At the same time, I want to share the moments that I’ve had in graphics research and show you graphics capturing remarkable moments.

Special thanks go to Morgan McGuire for creating Markdeep. I’m using it for all pages and posts in this blog.

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