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Of posts to come

Published 2016-08-11

I've got a blog now and you're reading its first post. This is not the place to tell you what the blog is all about or to ramble about past publications (though, you can download all of them here, including code and demos). I'd rather look into the future and tell you what to expect.

In the short term this blog will be largely about moment shadow mapping and applications thereof. Stay tuned for a lecture covering these topics in detail.

The next thing to expect is an updated version of my shadow mapping demo and corresponding shader codes. I am currently wrapping up my PhD thesis and my work on it led to quite a few improvements. These will be covered by the extension of my i3D 2016 paper in the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques but I consider it best to share the code early.

When I have the time, you can expect additional tutorials on the implementation of moment shadow mapping and related techniques. If there's anything that you would like to see covered in particular detail, please let me know in the comments.

I do not have specific plans beyond that. Whenever I feel like publishing or sharing something that's not a good match for research papers, I'll use this blog as a vehicle. It may be anything from tutorials to links and opinions.

Lets hope that I find the time.


2016-08-12, 12:56

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