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JCGT extension out now

Published 2017-03-30, updated 2017-09-04

Update 2017-09-04: Changed the post to reflect availability of non-linearly quantized moment shadow maps.

The invited extension of our i3D 2016 paper is now published in the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques. It discusses techniques for real-time soft shadows, single scattering and shadows for translucent occluders with some novel improvements. All of these techniques are based on moment shadow mapping and the paper also introduces improvements to moment shadow mapping itself.

The implementation is discussed in great detail. If you are a graphics developer interested in moment shadow mapping, it will likely be your most valuable source to implement it in your engine. It is not the only source though. Since it may have gotten a little bit confusing, here is an overview of the available resources:

A sensible way to review these resources would be to start with the GDC Europe 2016 lecture, play around with the demo and then, if this has wet your appetite, read the JCGT paper. As you implement the techniques, you should have Appendix D at hand.

Moment shadow mapping and the techniques that build upon it are the result of research that I did with colleagues and undergrads as PhD student at the University of Bonn. They are not patented, the shader code is in the public domain and all resources listed above can be downloaded for free. The only thing that I ask you to consider in return is that you let me know if you find use for these techniques in your products or that you make it publicly known. Being able to point at the practical impact of my work helps to keep this research going and of course it is also motivating.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me through the comments, on Twitter or via email.


2017-09-28, 16:39
Sounds great; I hope I'll have some time to work through this soon.

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