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Shading with polyhedral lights

Published 2021-07-28

In the past winter term at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I had the pleasure of supervising Bastian Urbach's bachelor thesis. His topic has been the generalization of methods for shading with polygonal lights to polyhedral lights. He has been highly motivated and creative. The result is an efficient method for GPU-accelerated real-time shading with convex or non-convex polyhedral lights (see Figure 1). Shading itself works either through linearly transformed cosines [Heitz2016] or through Monte Carlo integration. And it's implemented in Unity. Both the bachelor thesis and the implementation are now freely available on Bastian's blog. If that sounds interesting, go ahead and read his short blog post or the whole thesis. It's much like a concurrent work published recently at EGSR [Aakash2021] but there are pros and cons for both techniques. The blog post discusses those as well.

Figure 1: A plane lit by several non-convex polyhedral lights.

Bastian Urbach's blog post, thesis and implementation


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